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The The Free Reading Program is a proud sponsor of the FREE Reading program for kids in K-6. The program is compatible with most Internet browsers used by desktop and tablet computers. Anyone can sign up for the program through the The Free Reading Program Website.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance the literacy skills of English language learners of all ages. The FREE reading program will help improve English reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and much more! 60,000 + students are currently using the program.

Our Learning Content

The FREE reading program has been extensively tested for efficacy by third party researchers amongst diverse groups in both the United States and Canada. The Free Reading Program can assist in the development of new skills, reinforce literary knowledge and motivate students to succeed. Children complete activities and attempt to get perfect scores. A lot of kids think the activities are games. In fact, they are educational grade learning activities.

The Free Reading Program was developed by Essential Skills Advantage, a recognized leader in online children's education. The programs were created by teachers with literacy expertise. The program uses a range of pedagogical tools to ensure comprehension and success is acquired by each student. Students have the ability to start at any level they feel comfortable at and can work at their own pace.

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Kids love to learn online and at their own pace. You'll be amazed how quickly your child becomes an expert at navigating through the program.

The Free Reading Program has been developed for use at home or anywhere you have internet access. This program is not licensed for use in schools. Schools may Contact Us for licensing information.

Your kids will love our program. We're delighted to provide the children of our community with this resource.

For any technical or service based inquiries contact us here: Contact Page

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