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We provide a free, robust, online, interactive learning program for children. With over 3,500 activities, students will improve their Reading Comprehension, Language, Grammar and Spelling skills.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve literacy for children everywhere.

We attract the support of community based, service clubs and organizations who have the same shared mission. Our collective knowledge base is used to expand the reach of our literacy program while increasing social engagement between our sponsors and their community.

A Powerful Reading Program That Works

Access thousands of Reading activities that children love!

Our content covers a complete Kindergarten to Grade 6 Reading curriculum that has been used in schools all across North America for years.

When parents sign up through your organization, using an enrollment/login system we will provide you, they get instant access to all of the programs from the comfort of their own home.

Students can learn at their own pace and focus on the lessons they need.

We Deliver Success

We Help You Promote Your Own Literacy Campaign!

Your organization will get a custom branded login/enrollment widget you can place on your web site that anyone can sign up through and access our entire Reading program 100% free. This widget will display the number of students signed up through your site specifically along with the total number of students around the world.

We will then work with you to drive traffic to your site and promote your organization through social media and other marketing channels to ensure that your campaign gains exposure. You will also get:

  • Sponsor branded landing pages with analytics and technical support.
  • Social Media marketing, monitoring and response services.
  • Monthly Management Reporting.
  • Website and print banners, graphics, etc.
  • Program maintenance, upgrades and program enhancements.